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10 Feb


Reviews about business make or break the success and growth of that Business. These days many customers search on internet for “BusinessName Reviews” before they decide to reach out to a business. This is a common knowledge among internet savvy people . Since there are so many review sites people want to see the reviews about a business before they even call that business.

It is also common knowledge that most of the times people leave reviews when they are disappointed or angry about a business. Since anger,frustration is a strong motivation to take action along with putting time to write and post a review.

For a business to get a positive review it is sometimes really tough. Since customers/clients who are happy with a business are not always willing to take time to write a positive review about that business.

So whenever a Business gets a 5 Star Positive reviews its a big deal.

But websites like Yelp hide some of these 5 Star Positive reviews due to their own rules and algorithms.

If your business has 5 Star positive reviews on Yelp,Google Reviews or even over emails or any other online review sites. You must leverage it well. Since it makes a huge difference for some prospects to decide to bring their business and money to you.

The best way to showcase these 5 Star Positive Reviews or Positive Testimonials is through Videos which highlight about them. Below is a Real world example of a Positive review Video which has a person highlighting the positive review received by WePromoteYourSITE.com SEO Service Provider Business.

The same review if it is shown in just a text version how much is its impact.

Instead if you have a Professional Video with a person showcasing the positive review received by the business is’nt it even more powerful?

These Videos are short to the point showcase one Positive review per Video. Short Videos have several advantages some of them being – they can be easily shared on Social Media sites like Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest. They can be embedded on your website and even you can include their Youtube Video links within your emails.

Imagine your prospects receiving your email along with a link to Video like above. Even if they ignore to read the text details about your offer if they just take a minute they can watch the video and may give your offer more attention.

Imagine having several 5 star testimonials covered in different videos and each video promoting your business on Youtube and Social Media – having a Call To Action asking prospects and video viewers to reach out to your business. Showing your business phone number and website at the end of each video. These are like automated sales machines which are running on Youtube and advertising your business 24 x 7 as long as these Videos stay on Youtube. Youtube won’t delete these Videos unless you delete them yourself.

There are a ton of advantages of a Testimonial Video like these . I don’t want to bore with you with the list of advantages. If you have a business or service and want to get your positive reviews in front of your Prospects and Clients then you must take action now.  Email WePromoteYourSITE@GMail.com or Call 617-850-7846 so you can get a Video Created for Your Business.

Get Your Videos delivered within a very short time. It takes very little time and effort your side to get these Videos for your Business. We not only create these Videos showcasing your Business’ positive reviews but once the Video is approved we can even get it uploaded on Youtube and promote your Youtube Video links on Social Media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,StumbleUpon.

Get this huge Positive Video Promotion for your business and beat your competition by the power of Video SEO for Local Business.



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