5 Tips For Local Business Owners To Increase Phone Calls And Leads For Their Business

8 Mar

There are countless of local business in the world, but keeping a local business afloat may seem like something very hard and stressful. The truth is, that sometimes it will be hard and stressful, but of course, we can make it a little bit less hard and stressful.

Generating phone calls and leads –which is what can make everything easier and better– is not as hard as many may think. It can be easy and help your local business so much. If you don’t think of leads and phone calls as something important, you should.

Phone calls and leads are extremely important because they are what will bring customers to your business. Then, a number of those customers will purchase your products or services, and that purchase will leave you an income. This is obvious but it is worth mentioning.

You need to understand how important they both are, this way you will see them as a priority for your business. Generating them is the key of many successful businesses –even local ones– and companies too. If you already realized that, then you are already a step ahead.

So, like I just said, generating phone calls and leads is not that hard, it is actually simple. And to make it easier for you, the following list includes the top five tips which will help you generate both. If you follow them you will notice a significant difference.

1. Social Networks
This might seem like the tip that has now become a classic in not the good way, or even a cliché. But if you put enough effort, it works. We now have the advantage of social media, so we should use it as much as we can.

Social networks are always a good way to make your business known. And like you already know, they’re free. The only thing you need to do is be consistent and creative. Don’t abandon them after a while, and make them interesting enough –discounts or even contests– to keep your account on their profiles.

2. Partnerships or Affiliates
If you are able to start a partnership or get affiliated with someone, that is always good. They will promote you to their customer base –make sure they do have one– for either a percentage of the sales of for mutual promotion.

Partnerships are more like a long-term relationship, it will last longer and maybe benefit the both of you even more than a short-term relationship. And getting an affiliate is shorter, for example, it could be them just promoting a sale of yours and that’s it. Either way, both can always com in handy.

3. Include Your Number Everywhere
This is all focused on phone calls, but still important. Whenever you have the chance, add the phone number of your business everywhere. You decided to get a Facebook or Twitter page, add the number on your profile of bio for example.

It is very easy to add your number everywhere. You can afford an add in a local magazine or newspaper, add your number, on your presentation card, everywhere. If you add it everywhere, maybe someone who would have never fond you otherwise might call you and become a regular customer.

4. Website
This is very similar to networking, but it has important differences. If you get a website, it is a way to show everyone what kind of business you run. It is more about detailed and important information. A social network –as important as it is– contains more general information.

And, the #4 tip can help us with the #3 tip, add your phone number there too. It is another way to make your business known everywhere. Of course, make sure it is a nice looking website. Simple and easy to use is your way to go.

5. Advertising
If we look at it like that, advertising is the the whole sum of the other tips. Advertising is crucial, no business can stay alive without even a little advertising. All businesses need some advertising. Do what you think your target audience will respond to the most.

Here you do need to get a little creative. You need to catch the attention of your audience in order for them to become your customers. Exactly how you are going to draw their attention is up to you, just make it something worth investing for.
Like I said since the beginning, these tips are so easy any person and business can put them into practice. There is no science to it, so if you really want them to work just do your best effort and follow them.

One of the best things about the tips is that they are free. You don’t need any experts or consultants –who will take your money– to get the tips going. It is all you. It might mean some more work, but it is worth it. You can keep your social networks updated, you don’t have to hire someone to do it for you.

Of course in advertising there is a little spending, but you really just need to look at it as an investment. An investment in your business, which will help it not only to keep it afloat, but make it the fastest boat in town.

If you follow the tips, it is almost guarantee you will see a difference, and that difference is going to help you see how important all the five tips are. The secret and key here is to be consistent, it is not a “You have to finish what you start task”. This task does not end.

Keep advertising, keep your social networks updated, keep your website alive, keep putting your phone number everywhere, keep advertising as one of your top priorities, and keep getting leads and phone calls.

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