How to Easily write Blog posts for Local Business owners

8 Mar

Offering Blogging service to Local business owners is one of the easiest way to start making money. But if you are worried about how to write blog articles for these Local business owners here is the solution.

Once a Business owner agrees to pay you to blog on his behalf then ask them to spend some time to share some info about their business with you. You can do this either on the phone or in person meeting. You need to ask some of the basic questions about their business. This is not an interview but if they want you to post interview style blog posts about their business you can do that as well.

You can even record the interview on your smart phone or using a digital audio recorder. This may help you later to write the blog article without missing a lot of details which the business owner shared. If recording the audio is not allowed you can take notes as they speak.

You need to ask them some of the questions mentioned below:
1. What are the services or products offered by the business.

2. Can they explain in detail about different services in detail.

3. Which of their service or products are in a lot of demand.

4. What process is followed in case if they have any processes as part of their service offering. Like how their customers can communicate with them and get the service.

5. What are the best things about their business.

6. What are some of the most frequently asked questions by their customers and answers to those questions.

7. What is the best way to reach out if someone needs to get their service

8. Do they offer any free consultation or do they have any specials (discount options)

9. Can they share some of the good stories of their previous clients ( Where their service or product made a lot of positive impact for their clients)

10. What are they planning to do in future to offer more service or higher level of customer support

End of questions to ask the local business owner to know about their business.

above questions are just to illustrate what kind of questions can be asked. Depending upon different business you can always ask more specific questions which are relevant to those specific business.

If the business owner is comfortable you can do a video interview and after their review and approval you can upload this on Youtube. You can transcribe the audio or video recording of this interview and write your blog article. If the business owner is ok to take more time to do more such interviews on specific areas about their business those interview transcripts can help you write future blog articles.

You can always write articles by collecting the good reviews or testimonials they got till now.Many local business have lot of positive reviews from websites like yelp,google reviews,and other similar sites. Using what people are saying you can write a blog article just on that.

Just listing what are the most frequently asked questions from the customers of those business and their answer itself can be a blog article in itself. A blog post can be written about how they are working hard to provide better service and increased customer support. Another blog post can be written about any events or contests they are planning to organize in future. Another blog post can be about some of the good practices they are bringing in their business to give a better experience to their customers.

So if you ask the business owners over phone or email about these different areas mentioned above they can provide more inputs using which you can expand and write more blog posts. Of course you can always get photos of their staff and videos of their business and use them within your blog posts.

You can even refer to some similar business blog posts from across the world to get more ideas and inspiration for future blog posts. If you just show some of the blog posts of their competition to the business owner then they may be motivated to spare more time to give you inputs to write other blog posts about their business.

Just make sure you have a review process in place before you post anything on internet. Ask the business owner to review each blog post article and approve before you post them on internet. This saves a lot of trouble for both of you.

Blogging is fun and has a lot of SEO advantage for the business promotion. Many blog articles may get shared or may even show up on Google web search results when people search for some of the keywords included in the article. Blogging is the easiest way to drive real targeted visitor traffic to the business blog or website. But do inform the business owner that just writing one blog article is not enough. Hence you are working on several blog posts for which they may have to provide you more inputs either in email or over the phone.

Once you start blogging and including photos,videos and other interesting content about a business then you can always ask that business to give you referrals of other business which may benefit from your blogging service. You can even arrange a collaborative marketing for multiple non competing business by cross blogging about other business on each other’s blog site. Like on Business A’s blog website you will write about a complementing Business B’s interview vice versa. Make sure always take the approval before posting any blog post of all the involved business.

Start taking action and implementing the strategies shared above. Blogging is a service which is needed by most of the business. It is just that they are either too busy or too ignorant to do the blog writing and blog posting on their own. You are doing them a big favor by writing blog articles and doing all the blog posting, blog website management on their behalf. Many a times a business owner wants to see some proof of your previous work before they give you paid blogging assignment. So start blogging about your service and its benefits now if you want to show some of your previous blog posts.

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