How To Get Massive Traffic For Your Website

8 Mar

Now more than ever, there are millions of websites and all of them about different things and with different purposes. The Internet is filled of so much information that it is impossible to ever finish finding it all.

For most people, this is a good thing. You have a quick access to any kind of information. But to the people that have their own website, it is not so good. They have a lot of competition and of course, everyone want as much traffic as possible. So, here are some easy ways with which you can increase website traffic in a matter of days.

By consistency, we mean that you should post content on your website daily. It doesn’t have to be a long and complicated article, just keep posting information. But obviously, make sure that the information that you are posting is relevant and is related to your website.

Like they say, consistency is key. So if you keep up a good website, with daily updates and useful and relevant information, you will see the difference in your traffic. Remember that people visit websites because of their content; make sure your newest contest is not two weeks old.

Join Social Networks
The best part about this is that it is super easy and it is for free. Having a Facebook or Twitter account of your website will help a lot. When you share the content of your website on social media, it is more likely that people will see it and visit your website.

And just like posting new content daily on your website, it is important to never leave your social networks unattended. We now have the beauty of social networks so there is nothing better we can do than making the best of it.

Mention People
More specifically, mentioning people from your own industry is always a good way to bring more traffic to your website. When your write about people in your industry, you are associating yourself with them. You are associating with the leaders of that industry.

And some times, those people you mention will notice and will surely be flattered by your content –of course remember to write good things. You can even email the person you wrote about and tell them how you are inspired by them. The majority won’t notice it, but with only one that does read it and share it, you’ll get immense traffic in no time.

Quality Content
This is one of the most important things you need to remember. You may post five articles per day and maybe even be able to pay for great advertising, but if your website’s content is not good, it won’t succeed. People visit websites because of their content, so if your content is of poor quality you can be sure no one will ever come back to it.

Take your time and do a thorough research. Yes, we said it is important to update daily and repeatedly, but it is better to have less and quality content, than a lot and valueless.

It is not hard to believe that when people visit websites, many times they do it from their phones. If your website is not properly configured for smartphones, it is very likely going to have less traffic than the kind that it could have.

So make sure that your website is correctly configured. Maybe some visitors will stay, but the majority won’t. Actually, proper smartphone configuration is one of the main aspects that search engines take into account to rank all websites.

Visitor satisfaction is what all websites owners want and need. When a visitor is satisfied, he or she will most likely come back and even recommend your website. And it is a fact that speed is one of the things that a visitor is looking for.

Studies show that around 50% of visitors will leave a website if it does not respond in less than two seconds. And this counts in mobile devices. So if your website is getting pretty slow, make sure you optimize it. Maybe you will have to hire somebody to do this, but look at it as an investment.

Improve Your Design
Having a nice designed website may not be your top priority, but it should be. People are visual, if they like what they see, then they will stay on a website. But if the website is not well designed, you will see how traffic is slow and not increasing.

It doesn’t have to be a luxurious design, make it simple but clean, nice and easy to navigate in. If you do this you will see how many people will visit and stay on your website. A website’s design is its first impression, and we all know how important first impressions are.

This is key. Find other websites like yours, they don’t need to be exactly the same or have the same purpose, having something in common is enough. Then, interact as much as you can with them. Have a link of that website on yours. Comment on their website or guest post.

This is good because it is publicity, and if those other websites get more traffic than yours, interacting with them will surely get you some of that traffic for sure. This is a very easy technique and very quick, of course, make sure the interaction is not a one time thing.

As yo can see, this are very simple way to get your website more traffic. They are not complicated and you can do it all yourself. But remember –like the first tip– to be consistent. All of these techniques have to be applied daily.

But that does not mean it will take you months or years to get more traffic. In fact, this techniques will get your that traffic you want within days, but you need the consistency for two things: to attracts more traffic and to keep it. So put the techniques into practice and enjoy your traffic-full website.

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