Importance of YouTube Videos in Business/Services

7 Mar

Do you know, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, in value, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words? Surprised? Well, that’s the enormous latent power of videos, which you can use in order to boost your business. If you’ve been planning to promote your business, videos are the mightiest weapons of this day. They’re the people-magnet and facilitate you in ruling the game with an iron fist. The professional business owners, who perceive the power of videos, rely on it to dominate the modern competition…


Already, a careful estimate revealed that a video increases the people’s understanding regarding your business/service 74 percent. Can you believe that? You should. That’s why, currently, YouTube is the number two search engine in the entire world. The marketers of today describe it as the perfect promotional platform (PPP). Rather than moving from castle to castle, to promote their services, they prefer relying on it and create their campaigns around it judiciously. They like creating a minute video, instead of writing a million words for promotion. Besides, in this competition, no one has time for that either.


If you canvass the trends, you’d realize that the traditional methods aren’t important any longer. Today, not only the paradigms are changing, but also the audience. Before, it’s rather simple to lure people with some bullet-theory, or pages-longer content. However, these days, the audience is educated, and doesn’t have enough time to read bundles of pages for understanding your business, product, or service. Therefore, the videos have emerged as the giants of today’s market; they’re setting fresh dimensions for every business owner.


As we’ve seen internet shifted from text to video, let’s discuss a tad more regarding the importance of videos in businesses, and their main platform YouTube. Let’s unravel those concealed secrets that play as the perfect knights in the solid competitions.



The Hub – YouTube


Want to expose business to potential customers? Focus on the hub of video marketing – The YouTube. In 2012, the NBC survey confirmed that it has around 160 million active users. In addition, the 25 percent users of the internet use this massive platform on a daily basis. Though, without doubt, it’s the largest video search engine in the world, but through its advertising program, you can reach the targeted customers directly, and establish yourself as an expert, sooner than your expectations. Apart from this, its channel of communication, also allows you to communicate with the consumers and comprehend their expectations, or needs. And, in case you satisfy them, you can turn them into lasting customers as well.



Better Explainers


Unlike texts, videos don’t push you to force your mind to imagine something, which is often quite exhausting. For instance, if you’re promoting some product, you can show its usage live, and explain your audience how to use it correctly for the best results… In case you’re promoting some services, you can give a complete live demo, and focus immensely on those significant points which you want to promote grandly. When the consumers see things live, without forcing their minds to imagine something else, they’ve a better understanding; they can make concrete and quick decisions, regarding your products and services.



Emotional Engagement


Videos don’t lull the audience into sleep. There is always an emotional engagement that keeps people on toes and makes them feel what you want them to feel, especially if there is a human being in it, and describing your business proficiently. Besides, in case you feel your service, or business, is difficult to understand, the emotional touch of the video can always clarify your product/business in such way that would keep their interest alive, and in fact get them enthusiastic and impel them to do business with you, over and over. That’s why, today, we often see mobile advertisements more on the TV, rather than in the magazines.



Social Media Factor


It’s not only the YouTube, or TV channels, that facilitate you in grabbing the audience attention, the social media is also video-friendly. People love to share videos through their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Therefore, if you create an interesting, eye-catching video, about your business, social media can be the greatest, cheapest, and even the free tool of promotion… If you get extra lucky, and the video regarding your product goes viral, you can earn instant fame; a year of effort can adjust into just one night. In addition, if you’ve huge lists of friends and family members, you can impel them to share your videos. Within a few minutes, hundreds of people would know who you actually are.



Image & Credibility


When it comes to creating a great image, or credibility, texts are rather vulnerable. First, they easily lure the consumers. Second, in case somehow through powerful copywriting they engage someone, it’s hard for them to create credibility. Since, it’s people’s default nature to trust in those things which they can see, or feel. That’s why, these days, movies are always the better hit than the fiction books. People love to see and feel the real you, the real business; if you won’t provide them, in a way, you’d be daunting your image… Second, as I’ve said earlier, in another context, creating an image is always in your hands; you don’t have to rely on customers’ imagination; you’ll make them see what you want them to see.



Concluding Thoughts


As they say, “Show! Don’t Tell.” It’s right. That’s the motto of every successful business today. If you want to rise above the head and shoulders of your competition, you must exploit the immense power of videos.  Already, according to Forbes’ statistics, 59% of the executives would rather watch a video, than reading texts. Therefore, for building partnerships as well, videos wear the best dress, and walk on the red carpet. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a small home-based business, or throwing punches at giant firms, videos should always be your main weapon, therefore, use them judiciously; they’re the axiom of modern competition, and pull all the right levers, in your favor.


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