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7 Mar

I was meeting several Local business owners to understand what are their biggest concerns and where do they need help. During one such meeting I met a business owner who shared about his concern with me. He had a restaurant and wanted to get more marketing done on internet. He was talking to lot of marketing service providers or agencies but he was unable to decide what to do or whom to hire for his business marketing on internet .

I asked him what do you think is the best way to increase your business exposure and to get more people to come to your restaurant.

He said facebook is good twitter ok but he wanted people to see his food hear about the different options in his restaurant menu and get to know about how much effort they put to run the restaurant. He basically wanted to share stories about different food his passion to serve his customers better.

I asked him had any marketing agency mentioned about Video Marketing for your business. He said some professional video guys did talk about Video and advantages of Videos for his business. But due to the huge expense involved in getting professional videos recorded he did not get their service. The other concern he had was that ok if he got some videos created then what. The video guys did not offer much beyond saying they can post it on internet. This business owner was thinking what can one or two video do for getting more customers for his business.

I mentioned about this unique strategy of using Videos recorded on his smart phone and posted on a Youtube channel setup exclusively to promote his business. He needs to take time to record videos of different food and him or his staff talking about the different food options they offer. He needs to show a virtual tour of his restaurant in his videos. He needs to talk about the different special foods they prepare for different occasions. He needs to address some of the most commonly asked questions that his new customers may have to address their objections.

He was interested in it. But the problem was he will be left with so little time while running the business it was hard just to record videos in between. Then again to get each of those videos on Youtube and to promote those videos he really did not have enough time.

I offered to do it for him. I provided this service where I will SEO optimize each Video file he gives me and I will upload all the videos he sends me for 30 days. He started recording one video every day. That was the minimum goal he set for himself. Though he missed that goal several days at the end of 30 days we hard nearly 12 videos recorded.

Each video covered different areas he wanted to share about his business
– First video talked about what his restaurant is about and what kind of food options they have , whether they have take out option etc

– Second video covered a virtual tour and also introduced some of the chef and staff. They talked about some of their food recommendations

– Third video mainly focused on some of the popular foods in their restaurant and even shared what are the ingredients of these foods and what is the history of each of these food

– Fourth video was mainly to talk about different festivities or special occasions they have planned over next several months and what kind of unique food they are planning to prepare on those days

– Fifth video is about catering service and how much effort they put for each catering service to deliver better and quality food on time

– Sixth video is about what is different about their restaurant as compared to most other restaurant offering similar food – where they talked about the food preparation secret recipes they use

– Seventh video was another video tour of the restaurant since they made some new improvements in the restaurant

– Eighth video was about some of the regular customers of the restaurant sharing about what kind of food they like there and why

– Ninth video was about a contest they were holding where they were giving away lot of prizes and gift coupons

– Tenth video was about story on how they started this restaurant and how passionate they are about growing the restaurant and adding more food options which people are demanding

– Eleventh video was about talking about the remaining videos encouraging people to watch the rest of the videos on their Youtube channel and giving an overview of what was covered in each of the previous video

– Twelfth video was about asking people to try their restaurant once and asking what other topics viewers would like to be covered in future videos.

In each video above they made sure they showed some of their popular food and gave the contact details like address and phone number. Talked about the options like dining as well as take out being available.

Though it took 30 days for this restaurant owner to get these 12 videos we made sure that as soon as they send the video file using dropbox file sharing service we optimized each file for SEO and uploaded them to Youtube. We also shared each of these videos on some of the blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.

Though they felt it is not easy at the beginning but after recording initial two videos they found it more interesting and entertaining. Seeing each of their video on Youtube after every day was even more exciting for the business owner as well as staff. They were happy to record more videos. They shared about these videos to their regular customers and also gave them the youtube channel link. Their customers also started sharing those videos.

Google also started showing some of these videos in its search results when people searched for relevant keywords.

This Youtube promotion for the restaurant gave them a huge marketing advantage over their competition. Since their competition had just 1 video on Youtube. But this business not only had 12 videos in 30 days but each of those videos were shared on several blogging platforms and also websites.

The business owner was very happy since now he had several videos which he can include in his emails whenever he is sending out emails to his previous clients. These videos were also shared on their facebook account. They started sharing several popular videos again and again with different interesting information about how these dishes are prepared. His Youtube video channel slowly started to get more exposure than his website.

All because this business owner took the initiative and effort to take the time to record the videos and to get the service of getting them SEO optimized on Youtube he had a huge marketing advantage for his business which he did not have 30 days before.

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