Why People Fail to Succeed in Job, Career, Life or Personal matters

7 Mar

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of what stops you from succeeding in Life and Career. If you can take this article seriously and read through it more than once. Then start putting in action steps to make sure you don’t do these same mistakes. Of course by doing so you are increasing your chance of succeeding in Life,Career and Job. But then again make sure you are checking back again and again to make sure you are not getting distracted from this path. People fail for any number of reasons mentioned below :

1. They don’t know what to do

2. Some may know what to do but they don’t know how to do what needs to be done to succeed in Life

3. Even if they know what to do and how to do – they lack the motivation or discipline to follow through and get the work done to succeed

4. Some people are too busy keeping them self entertained with so many distractions that they hardly can take out time for what is really important in their life

5. Some people lack resources – support systems,infrastructure,financial resources to succeed

6. Some may have time,money and support to succeed but they don’t see a purpose or meaning or motivation as to why they need to do what needs to be done to succeed in Life

It does not matter which category you fall into and what is stopping you from succeeding.

If you are really serious and are willing to put time and sincere long term efforts to succeed then we will share with you on how to succeed in Life and Career

Make sure to email us and make sure to write in detail about
1. What you really want to achieve in life
2. What are your immediate short term goals
3. What you did so far to achieve your goals
4. What are you planning to do to achieve your short term goals
5. What specific things and support you need to succeed in which specific area
6. What is the best you can do
7. What are you really good at, what skill sets you have already
8. Are you really dedicated – explain how dedicated you are give examples from your past work or efforts
9. How much time you can take out every day for learning and implementing steps to succeed
10. What success really means describe in detail

Write answering in detail about above and email us

If you can take sufficient time and write in detail about above areas then we may be able to share more specific info which may help you make progress

The ones who succeed are not those who find excuses not to take action.
Take action Take lot of action – plan, dedicate and take serious steps towards your success and we may be able to share specific info which is even more helpful to you.

We’ve guided many people to Career success provided they were dedicated and serious to follow the steps and get the work done. We wish to guide more people in their career only if they are serious and sincere in their efforts.

It is such a waste to see so many people fail and waste the time as well as opportunities in front of them. We intend to educate and motivate those who are willing to put efforts to find ways to succeed. Success happens due to effort,dedication,intelligence,focus and taking action. Unless someone is not willing to take action, to get things done progress is not possible.

Stop finding excuses to avoid making progress. Start finding all the ways to overcome your challenges and getting things done. When you build the mindset to get things done then you will see a lot of progress in many positive areas of your life including work and personal lifestyle.

It is easy for people to get distracted to indulge themself in entertainment and forget about the priorities. It is very easy for people to spend a lot of time on movies,watching videos,TV and internet.It does take effort to pull oneself out of the distractions and to focus on what is really critical for their success both in work and personal life. Sooner people start realising how badly they are addicted to entertainment the better.

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